The Brisbane summer heat and humidity in the past weeks can incubate frustration, especially when we need to be ‘out there’!
Then the only ‘real’ response to being cut off or jammed in traffic while late for an appointment may be a few well chosen expletives.

I’m not a prude and believe an expletive is sometimes one of the best ways to get a point across. However, I’ve found that responding to frustrating circumstances this way, generally just breeds more frustration!

If I haven’t done my beautiful ‘Waterfall’ or ‘Earth’ meditations by the time I’m out in the jungle, and some very appropriate words for my immediate experience come to mind, then I just say “Roses”.

‘My mood changes and poise is gradually restored’

Why? Well, I happen to like roses and saying the word takes my focus to their many colours and forms. A froth of white rose buds immediately comes to mind and for a few seconds I go to a peaceful, sweeter place. My mood changes and poise is gradually restored.

Try it for yourself, pick a simple word that represents something that feels nice to you next time your patience is being tested and see how you go. 

Truly, where our mind goes energy follows. If you‘de like to give feed back that would be &#*%!*&* awesome.

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