Traditionally a ‘Blue Moon’, like the 1 that’s exact tonight, at 8.42pm. is a full moon falling twice in 1 of the 12 zodiac signs. However nowadays it’s interpreted as falling twice in a calendar month. On average we see a blue moon once every 16 months.

While on our journey into full consciousness, (whether we ‘re taking a shortcut, a long road or going round in circles) we are able to choose more consistently our own autonomous viewpoint and find examples of excellence that function for us personally.

Our personal identity is emerging out of an collective subconscious. The social collective subconscious we are born into is dictated by the time, culture and where we have been placed in our community. It locks us into ideas around race, gender, religion and our place in the world.

This full moon sheds light on the ways we can create balance between our individual values and those of the ‘collective’ society we live in. We can appreciate each other as individuals within a community, even as we reserve precious energy to engineer space for the relationships and past times we most value for ourselves.

A full or new moon is most influential 24 hrs after it’s exact, so enjoy tonight’s meditation time!

Try this tonight: Open your body and bathe in this full moon’s light. Allow yourself to merge with it; breathe the moonlight in and breathe out into it’s light. You can also sign up and try the free Starlight activation meditation.