Grief is a process, a process of loosely 5 stages that include denial, abandonment, anger, loss and acceptance, not necessarily in that e6988d4c-253c-4f6a-8e98-40c0257e83b3order. As we allow grief to journey towards its conclusion of acceptance and maybe closure, we become different people, with a transformed perspective on life.

The energy of grief moves downwards and literally leaks out of our body. Shoulders slump and round as we protect our heart area from further loss and hurt. The heart sinks and our body follows.

We assume the opposite posture when we experience joy. Our heart area opens, our chest expands, energy moves upward and outward, and we exchange with the world again.

                 Grief itself is a leaking energy, our body seems to become a sieve with no ability to halt the outbound flow.

When grief energy accumulates and is no longer circulating through our physical structures it’s difficult to feel we are in our body and engaged with the world.
The communication and circulation systems in our body tighten and slow and, it hardens, blocking our energetic pathways.

Creating a flow through our energy pathways, the nadis and meridians cleans out this hardened material that can compromise the integrity/communication within our body. We need to allow this process top priority for our future health and well-being.
You can begin to circulate energy through your body at home, see the nurturing tip below.

Nei gong meditation provides a short-cut way to circulate balanced new energy through your pathways and transform emotional energy.

If you would like to move through and beyond grief or despondency into a feeling of well-being and engagement with the world, contact me

NURTURING TIP: Circulate energy: Sing, box, cry, exercise gently and breath; our energy pathways are tubes (nadi means ‘hollow reed’), when new energy circulates through, it flushes out the tube like new fresh water.