Whether the Aquarian Age began in 2012 or is 400yrs away, we are feeling the impact of this huge social transition across the globe, (http://earthsky.org/human-world/when-will-the-age-of-aquarius-begin).

Some areas of our society are surfing the cosmic wave of Aquarian ingenuity and expressive freedom while other parts are being dragged along into a brand new frontier of personal and social identity.7d598099-dd48-428f-aee2-bbb77ef0bbf4

In the areas of relationships and gender equality it’s usually a given that women and men, like Yin and Yang complement each other within a community; one needs the other or an equivalent partner to be ‘complete’ and enjoy the phases that life has to offer.

Now, autonomy is being valued much more highly, as seen in our women’s bid for equality and for more venues for their personal expression. Now, rather than asking for the right to contribute, women simply support each others’ individuality; to be financially independent, have an emotionally strengthening social network, and to succeed in their chosen professions.

Schooling today also teaches much more freedom of expression, problem solving and actively creates networks for kids. Men and women have very different needs and viewpoints, and Aquarius accepts and supports these differences together with our unique individuality.

Our values on the whole are changing; we see each other more as precious individuals with something unique to contribute, rather than primarily a male or female available to meet certain requirements in society.
As we transit into the Aquarian Age we are beginning to experience true spiritual and personal freedom, with an appreciation for each other and who we are individually. Yay!

“But as the years went on, I realised that what I really want to be, all told, is a human. Just a productive, honest, courteously treated human. – Caitlin MoranHow to Be a Woman.