‘The Tao is hidden, and has no name, but it is the Tao which is skilful at imparting to all things what they need and making them complete.’ – Tao Te Ching

Each level of Nei gong meditation practice embraces a deeper connection with physical longevity and regeneration. Universal energy knows us through and through, together with exactly what we need in order to grow.

The first phase, replenishing ‘jing’, re-establishes our stores of procreative and youthful energy that’s mainly housed in the lower dantian (LDT) or the area connected with the 1st Earth (Root) and 2nd Water (Sacral) chakras.

We begin by replenishing the lower chakras and dantian because they are the platform on which harmonious physical function, health and creativity depends. All the other chakras and dantian stack above and flourish with their strong support.
An easy joy, confidence and stamina are some of the first signs of our regaining the jing (essential energy) that we have expended through overwork and the knocks of life.

While we all need energetic support and connection to feel radiant well being, we are all in a slightly different place, giving us the differences that make life interesting. So, if we want to achieve health and balance, we will each have specific areas that need support more than others. For example:

*Some of us are more sensitive. Sensitivity is a great gift, but it can be a pain unless we receive the support we need to achieve integration.
Then… we become like fine crystal. A heavy glass will shatter on impact. When fine crystal is dropped on a hard floor it doesn’t break – the crystals are too evenly locked together!

*Many of us hunker down, focusing all our energy on damage control, rather than engaging with life. An overall balancing would be put in place together with lower dantian / chakra support to allow peace of mind and a new curiosity about life.

*Sometimes healing heartbreak and restoration will be the first priority, as we allow our Heart area to be feel open and trust again.

*Other times we want to balance polar opposites and need extensive energetic support to feel truly at ease by integrating a sea-saw of energy extremes. As the lower dantian / chakras become active and balanced we can achieve a new level of poise on the support they provide.