The Benefits.

“I sought of stumbled onto Nei gong and into Master Yang’s class room as an extremely debilitated and confused mother of 3. Physically speaking only, as a newbie to Nei gong many years ago, I found my not so diligent practice activated my circulation and strengthened my nervous system. Balance and muscle strength on both sides of my body became even and stable. Knee joints no longer cracked.

My endurance and flexibility actually improved without physically moving, which was quite stunning and extremely convenient as movement had been very taxing. With a short daily practice I achieved better balance, circulation and endurance than I’d had before I was unwell. Also my G.P. became fascinated by my oestrogen levels. Apparently now, 17 yrs later at 56, I’m still no where near menopause!!

I also found that whatever challenges cropped up I was able to quickly regain my sense of composure and centred happiness. The most impressive benefit for me however was hope, and a real excitement for my future. I’m forever grateful.”  Karen

Apart from feeling established in a sense of well-being, here are some other BENEFITS you can expect from your Nei gong meditation practice:

+ Physical and emotional health, stability and balance.

+ Receive real tools to transform fear, aggression and overwhelm.

+ An authentic engagement with the world.

+ Harmonised relationships.

+ The ability to exercise foresight and engage strategies.

+ The capacity to build, send and transform energy.

+ A strong sense of self with appropriate parameters.

Physically, students first recognise better circulation – warm feet all year round, and a strong sense of being present within their own body. We become more aware of our energy and learn to cultivate and direct it positively.

As we begin to live in the now, a spontaneous happy feeling becomes normal. We are able to resolve anxiety, strategise clearly and enjoy our daily lives and relationships.

Nei Gong creates a bridge between spirit and the material world, connecting our body with the energy of the Universe.

Want to experience Nei Gong meditation?