I’ve just returned from an AMAZING 3 week Nei gong training retreat with Master Yang. We travelled through Southern China’s Guilin and country areas visiting extremely beautiful and sacred places to collect energy
connections for our practice.

As the title suggests it rained quite a lot but this only added to the happiness and energy of our tour. When the Spring rains arrive all of nature is in harmony and the local spirits dance and commune!
4 of our students joined a contingent of 14 travellers in total and we are just blown away by our experiences. The food and natural vistas – also amazing!

Every site we visited introduced a completely different and very powerful energy for us to work with. As a result our group class Nei gong has leapt more than a few notches and no one wants to leave their meditations and move onto the next exercise.

One story picked up on our travels provided some context for me while working with the Commander energy represented by General Guan Yu. His exemplary character has been immortalised in Chinese culture in many natural sites and statues.

Guan Yu was of noble character living in a time of political ‘merde’ around the 2nd century AD, 3 Kingdoms period.  

imgresOne famous event in the General’s life involves China’s most famous doctor Hua Tuo, who invented an anaesthetic concoction that worked, (his recipe was later lost; this great doctor is also credited with the 5 animal forms).

During battle Guan Yu suffered a poisoned arrow shot to his upper arm, and Hua Tuo was called to attend him. As he began to mix an anaesthetic for the surgery the General refused saying he would do without anaesthesia thanks.

Hua Tuo strongly urged Guan Yu to be knocked out as he would be scraping the poison away from his bone, and that might take awhile.  
As the surgery progressed Guan Yu calmly played Chinese chess (Go) with his lieutenant,
drinking and conversing pleasantly. He later admitted to his lieutenant that the procedure had really hurt quite a bit, but he couldn’t let down the moral of his troops by showing discomfort.

This story gave a context for me while connecting with the Commander energy of some of the Guilin sites; and there were so many other amazing connections. We have all gained, processed and grown so much emotionally and spiritually.

Working with these ancient personalities and natural energies with the support of Master Yang has been such an enormous privilege. I can’t wait for the next trip!