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Karen ReidKaren was introduced to her own physical healing and the fascinating art of Nei gong (inner skill) through Master Yang in 1998, who is an internationally recognised Healer and Qi gong Master for over 40 yrs.

With her Master’s blessing Karen began introducing Nei gong energy transmissions and meditations through individual sessions, classes and seminars in 2003.

Nei Gong 4 LIFE online classes / individual sessions are friendly, convenient and easy to join. Students who have moved interstate or overseas find the online energy connections just as effective as a traditional in person practice. The Nei gong transmissions and benefits for online Nei gong students are exactly the same as for in house classes and appointments.

An individual session is a time to completely focus on where you are now, your goals, and how to best achieve those goals with a balance of physical and emotional vitality.

After your session, feedback will be given on your energetic structure, and you will leave with transformative energetic connections tailored to meet your unique needs. Individual online sessions are conducted via Skype. 


A 1 on 1 Nei gong meditation session transforms the elements that make up your inner environment with Internal alchemy and personal Feng shui. We’ll work to align and support your energetic anatomy with the connections your body and unique gifts most need to heal and flourish!

Your energy centres are awakened with personal connections from the natural Universal, facilitated by your Nei gong practitioner. You are supported by the essences, for example, of the Sun, Moon, Earth and Rain. These new connections regenerate your being (the alchemy part), and create a positive relationship between your inner geography and the outer world (the feng shui part), that aligns with your best potential.

Your energetic dynamic and the ways you exchange with surrounding energies is explained. This feedback is based on body reading that highlights specific belief patterns and emotional reactions that keep us in a holding pattern rather than allowing us to expand into the universal energy that is available for us. Feed back is also given on your natural energy flow and gifts, and the unique ways you work with energy.

We transcend limiting beliefs simply by the fact that our body knows support, validation and safety by connecting with natural resources that will not change or fail us. Nei gong energy transmissions replace our habitual core expectations into positive exchanges, where energy can renew and flow for us. The transformation happens within minutes without the need for analysis. We simply replace any unhelpful information, by connecting with the functional, natural Universal energies that create life.

I’ve been meditating with Karen for over 3 years and I’ve recently moved away from Australia. I love that I can keep attending meditation classes via Skype. I keep raving about Nei gong meditation and all it has done for me to almost everyone I meet.  I never knew meditation could be like this and for it to have such a profound impact on my life.

Gabriella Kosztolanyi

I began taking one on one sessions via Skype with Karen sometime last year, and they were immediately as natural as the in-person sessions I was having.

I probably see Karen more often via Skype than in person now, especially since we are able to check into group sessions remotely too.

Again, I am so grateful that this is an option as the feeling of community and connection that I had from group can be maintained wherever I am.

Chloe Goodyear

Individual Sessions

Nei gong meditation realigns, supports and builds your energetic body, so that you can positively transform your inner environment to express your potential. We commence our Nei gong meditation experience at entry level (a Tiger session or class), even for those of us who are practiced meditators. This is to ensure our energetic structure and flow is active, connected and balanced; then we move in the directions needed to fulfil your goals.

Below are the costs for one on one Nei gong meditation sessions, please contact for an appointment.


1 hour session: AU$130

2 hour session: AU$200


1 hour session: AU$140

2 hour session: AU$210


1 hour session: AU$150

2 hour session: AU$220


1 hour session: AU$165

2 hour session: AU$235


A package of 3 prepaid 1hr sessions at all levels receives a $10 reduction per session. For example a Dragon level 3 1hr session package is 390 rather than 420.

3 weekly sessions are especially recommended when we commence Nei gong meditation or have returned after some time. Each session builds on the preceding session’s energy. This is an efficient way to build and align our energetic support quickly. By the 3rd session our body has learned to regenerate energy by itself!

Three package sessions for each level.

After only 3 sessions I am so much more in touch with myself, accepting and forgiving of myself and others. I can tap into and fill myself with energy with ease, in the car or in the train or anywhere. I feel fabulous.

Evelyne Maier

Tiger AU$360

Dragon AU$390

Alchemy AU$420

Neidan AU$465

Online Individual Session / Class requirements

For everyone’s benefit an online appointment or class will open 5 minutes before start time to make sure our communication is clear and everyone attending has joined.

Prep for your online class or session may include pillows for comfort, water or tea – (not too near your device), tissues and pen and paper for notes.

Please use the mute button on your device for unexpected noise coming from your surrounds. Meanwhile you will still hear and see your Nei gong teacher clearly. Thank you in advance!

Nei gong meditation aligns your inner environment to meet the positive potential in your world.

Throughout your individual session your personal energy flow will be naturally cleansed and toned and your energy centres activated and supported. You’ll learn specific, easy Nei gong meditation exercises to continue your transformation at home.

Home-work practice usually takes around 10 – 15 min in total daily.

The tapestry of philosophies that inform Nei gong or ‘inner skill” are woven from the spiritual, mystical, alchemical, scholastic and medical sciences. This vast heritage developed into what is known as the ‘Way’, which is really an interweaving of many Ways that all communicate with and understand each other, because they are manifestations of the same.

We could say that each of the lineage practises from which Nei gong is descended, reveal another part of the same potential or realisation of the beginning of all things, the Tao.

Audio digital products that support and transform your physical and emotional world are coming soon!!