Recommended reading and links


Master Yang of has provided excerpts of his seminars via Youtube. Master Yang introduced me to Nei gong and I have been most gratefully one of his students for over 17 years. Travelling to China with our Nei gong class in 2000 was a transformational experience .

Elizabeth Reninger has posted many beautifully written short articles on They explain tantric and traditional Taoist concepts, lineages and terms.

Paul Cavel of has posted several essays clearly explaining his more physical energy channelling and Nei gong training.


“The Hidden Power in Humans”, Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda.

Swami Maheshwarananda brought us “Yoga in Daily Life”, and was a personal friend of my Tante Ingrid and Onkel Siegfried, himself a respected Yoga teacher. The “Hidden Power in Humans” is a logical, definitive work on traditional chakra teaching. I highly recommend it to all my students This book holds a lot of information, is beautifully written and may be easily understood. 

“Wheels of Life” and “Eastern Body Western Mind”, Anodea Judith.

These classics (available from a library), have carried chakra science into the mainstream by explaining Eastern concepts through Western psychological and physiological terms.

“Chinese Healing Arts – Internal Kung-Fu”, Edited by William R. Berk.

A beautiful ambient book, full of Chinese woodcuts depicting ancient exercises and potions, with an authentic historical basis.

“The World Upside Down” – Essays in Taoist Alchemy, Isabelle Robinet. 

I love this book, however it is for the dedicated researcher. I would recommend having read an introduction to traditional Chinese philosophical or traditional Chinese medical concepts in order to follow the work clearly. This is also true for,

”Awakening to Reality”,(Wuzhen pian) by Zhang Boduan, translated by Fabrizio Pregardio,

“The Living I Ching”, Deng Ming-Dao                                                                                                                        

A poetic, meditative and absolutely gorgeous version of the I Ching (compiled originally by Confucius).

“The Path of Virtue, The Illustrated TAO TE CHING”, Lao Tzu, by Abrams, New York.

A pocket book of inspiration.

Nei Gong creates a bridge between spirit and the material world, connecting our body with the energy of the Universe.

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