Gregg Stadhams

GreggIt was through my relationship with Master Yang that I met Ms. Reid . Several years ago I had the privilege of travelling to China with her as part of a special trip organised by Master Yang for the purpose of giving us a direct experience of some of the places and people from which much of his wisdom and knowledge had been sourced.

Ms. Reid had an obvious natural talent in this arena of knowledge and was easily able to demonstrate her gifts for the benefit of all who were present. Karen has refined her gifts over the past decade through not only her own practice but also through the regular classes and seminars that she gives on Qi Gong and its associated disciplines.

Her teaching was inspired by a directive given by Master Yang and her classes are fully supported energetically by the presence of the master’s grace and the lineage of pure Knowledge that is the teaching that Karen presents and represents.


NaomiI have been seeing Karen now for a number of years, but I still can’t get over what a difference it has made to my life and
continues to do so.

I also still can’t get my head around how it all works, but because I see the results, I continue to see Karen on a regular basis. Thanks to the work we have done together, I am a much better mother, daughter, sister, friend, partner and human being.

My life is much richer for it and I feel that I have so much more I can give back to the world around me. Like all really amazing things though, it has to be experienced to be believed – like the beautiful sunset over the open ocean or the first time you see your newborn child.


Nei Gong meditation suits my practical nature and supports me to evolve into my full potential. It is always anchored in the real world. I never have to “retreat” from the world in order to come back into situations or challenges and then deal with them in a more forced or “enlightened” way. I just engage with my meditations and practices and things shift inside me and around me.

The best way to sum it up is by saying that the people who knew me before and after tell me I’m more grounded, happy and capable now. I’m not so flighty and reactive, I’m more me – all the best parts of me have finally come out and that is because through my practice I feel supported, nurtured and connected with something much bigger than myself. What I didn’t get growing up, what other people can’t give me, I get through my practice; there’s a whole universe of support and help out there and I intend to keep accessing it and passing it on wherever I can!


ChristianWhen I first started attending sessions with Karen I found the active meditations quite challenging, but they quickly took on a personal quality for me and I was able to draw on my own experience and knowledge to help me with the exercises. I had experienced a lot of back pain since I was a teenager and I found, at first, the biggest benefit was that I was pain free after the sessions. I felt relaxed, clear headed and slept better than I had in a long time.

The greatest areas of personal development since starting my Nei Qi Gong practice are my self-confidence and resilience. I definitely feel more comfortable with who I am than I ever have before, and as a consequence my personal and professional relationships are stronger and steadier. I feel that everything in my life is in healthy perspective. This has allowed my own values to shine through, especially in challenging circumstances where previously I would get quite defensive! It has made the challenges and obstacles encountered in my personal and professional lives realistic, achievable, and easily manageable.

Gabriella Kosztolanyi

GabriellaOver the past year my meditation work with Karen has helped me find and connect with inner resources I didn’t know I had. It’s helped me build a stronger and healthier mind and body. I have reconnected with my creative side on a much deeper level and now I understand how it can bring me joy as well as energy. I used to have poor circulation in my legs and suffered from cold feet and hands. Now that I’ve reconnected with my physical body properly, my circulation has noticeably improved.

I’m a remedial massage therapist so I work closely with people. I used to ignore working with energy in my work as I wanted to focus on the physical and tangible problems I was presented with. Things I can see and feel are things I can fix. I couldn’t see energy so how could I work with it. I’ve come to believe (yes, it’s taken a while!) that all our emotions are stored in our bodies and not just in our minds. Our minds and bodies are one and the same thing, not separate entities as we like to believe in the West. If we hold onto negative beliefs they will get stored in the body unless we process them and learn to let them go.

Tara Wardrop

I was introduced to Nei Gong by a friend who said it could benefit me. I was unhappy in my current job and after practising Nei Gong, I had the courage to quit and regain control over my life.

Since then Nei Gong has really helped me through some very tough personal experiences. I recommend it to anyone looking to make something in their life clearer and to feel happier and in control. The exercises are simple and accessible to anyone, at any level.

Libby Colquhoun

LibbyI have been seeing Karen for over 3 year now, both in Individual Sessions and the Classes. At all times I have found Karen to be Professional; Compassionate and Patient, with a healthy dose of Humour.

Her teachings and guidance through my meditation journey have enabled me to gain health benefits, both physically and emotionally, where my exploration of Western approaches had failed. I cannot recommend Karen and her services highly enough.

Diane Tully

DianeKaren has helped me enormously, by not only providing astute clarity and insight into my issues, but in also helping me to heal. She has also given me some valuable skills which I continue to use to help myself in any time of need.

I found Karen’s approach fascinating and very holistic and I highly endorse this practice to all those looking to heal and expand their being.

Chloe Goodyear

ChloeI was a bit nervous about going because I thought that I would have to have some special sort of personality or aptitude, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to meditate ‘properly’, which now seems to me to be very funny – it’s like not going to yoga because you think you aren’t flexible enough.

I don’t know that I could pinpoint exactly what’s changed, except that when I look back over the past year and a half that I have been seeing Karen, I can see really big overall changes that I knew I was leaning toward, but wasn’t making. Some of them seem to have happened without me working too much toward any particular result – outer things, like elements of my work that have changed to create an absolute dream job without me needing to leave the people that I love at work – and then of course, emotional structural changes.

I feel like I am more patient – certainly not that I have perfect patience, but like I am seeing changes to my approaches and acceptance or dismissal of things in life. I feel more ‘solid’ – not so smoky, and kinder – two things that were very important to me when I first went to visit Karen.

Monique Moorfield

MoniqueI have been practicing Nei gong for about four years now and I can honestly say it has changed my life.

I didn’t fully understand the extent of what the benefits were when I began. Initially it was a wonderful tool for controlling my anxiety. Being a bit of a therapy junkie I soon realised that no one could ‘fix’ me, I needed to make the changes within myself and Nei gong was the answer!

Karen has facilitated profound changes in my health, my confidence, my relationships, and has helped me find my ‘balance’. … The hardest to achieve and maintain of all.

I’ve discovered Nei gong supports all my other physical, creative and spiritual activities. I feel stronger in myself and where I belong in this world. Thank you Karen, for the magic you have enriched my life with.

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