Disciplines like yoga, a dance style, athletics or other physical modality create patterns in our brain that feed into our identity and the ways we express ourselves.

One student describing her experience at beginner adult ballet, spoke of her intention to move with elegance for the 1st time. With a little ballet practice she will soon embody feeling physically elegant and so identify with being elegant all the time!

Nei gong energy channelling like the previous East / West exercise, please see http://bit.ly/1SDNDDt; or meridian (energy pathway) channelling, is not only for physical recharging and healing.

As we move energy through our bodies in a variety of different directions we deeply touch and make conscious previously unknown veins of personal energetic flow; a bit like discovering deposits of precious minerals under the Earth. These new resources unfold and manifest our potential.

As we allow energy to move through our being in different ways it activates new concepts of how we might express ourselves, leading to beautiful possibilities for who we could be!