“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff.” ― Carl Sagan

A powerful Grand Square made up of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus is taking place in the heavens together with our New moon, exact at 12.59pm today AEST.

Many of us will feel a huge pressure to implement fundamental changes in our lives. Both in structure as in what are we physically depending upon AND to find new ways to make inroads towards our goals. This brings both challenges and creative excitement for what the future can hold.

Grounding and extending our being with this energy is very helpful, especially when the new and full moons are at their most potent, 24hrs after their exact.
* Let your in-breath bring in the new moon energy through the crown of your head, down your body and into the Earth.
* With your out-breath allow Earth energy to elongate your body as it moves through your feet and upwards, out through your head.

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Yin Flower sessions (below) are also now available in clinic or online.

Happy meditations,


The After-life is simply a new life phase, which we unfortunately cannot share with our loved ones. Some of us have access to the next world or stand between 2 worlds. c9fd38d8-fb90-4489-9f56-cad55c4f0693One is Yang and material, the other Yin, the Afterlife. The practice of accessing the Afterlife is called the ‘Yin Flower’.

The ‘Yin Flower” unfolds naturally during our Nei gong meditation 1 on 1 sessions when needed. After seeing the healing benefits experienced by my clients and those still wanting to communicate across both worlds, I’ve decided to offer 30min and 1hr specialised Yin Flower consultations.

The sessions are for anyone experiencing the need to understand more around a relationship loss, and for those caring and working in environments closely associated with the process of passing over; for example within a home, hospital or hospice.
Contact karen@neigong4life.com to arrange an appointment.