With the New Year approaching, thinking about our goals and intentions is becoming very real. A Nei gong meditation exercise called North / South energy channelling helps us to navigate towards our goals in the short and long term; just as we use the North Pole star as true north to help navigate a journey across land and sea.

South energy channelling works in tandem with the North, paving the way step by step beneath our feet, along the directions provided by North energy.
One of my students practices North / South when she is working in new environments overseas. As a result, she has had a lot of success finding beneficial work partnerships.
(I hope you enjoyed trying out the complementary East / West energy exercises in our last newsletter?)

North energy channelling exercise:

  1. Facing north, raise both straight, (not locked) arms to a 45-degree angle above your head.
  2. Allow Northern energy to stream downwards from the heavens towards your fingertips and into your arms and forehead along a straight, oblique, continuous line.
  3. Breath in as the energy comes towards you and out as it passes through your body. It helps a great deal to imagine your fingers and head opening to welcome the energy as it passes through.
  4. Repeat the exercise a few times. With daily practice the North energy you are able to channel will build!

South energy channelling exercise:

  1. Let both arms relax and point straight down, at a 45-degree angle behind your back.
  2. Breath in, allow South energy to move upward in a straight, oblique, line from beneath the earth towards your fingertips, into your arms and upper torso. See your fingers and body opening in your mind’s eye, allowing the energy to move through them.
  3. Breath out, let the energy continue upward along the same line out through your body, while bringing your straight arms slowly forward to the front of you pointing downwards at a 45-degree angle.
  4. Take the arms to the back again and repeat a few times. I hope you enjoy your practice!