“The two essences of the Sun and Moon must unite to produce the myriad things of nature.” [Da-Mo]

The sun and moon work as a team, each with an essential role in keeping life on our planet rolling along. The life-giving relationship between the sun and moon is reflected in the miracle of the natural world we live in. Earth is constantly being saturated and physically organised by the combined energies of the moon and sun. As we know, our phases of growth, our cycles and moods are all regulated by their presence.

Because the moon and sun govern life in different areas, they are traditionally referred to as icons of male (yang) and female (yin) energy, working together. Furthermore they represent to us, if only subconsciously, the male / female interchange within our relationships – in a good way!

Try this quick test: Grab a pen and paper and make 2 columns. Focus on the sun and then the moon for a few seconds – note any feelings that arise within and write down the qualities that describe them best for you, 5 for the sun in 1 column and 5 for the moon in the other.

You may be surprised to find your choices fall into either classically male (yang) or female (yin) qualities. Because our body is subject to the same seasons and phases of growth as the living world, our body understands the influence of the sun and moon in different and very specific ways. Our subconscious mind has invested the sun and moon with qualities we would ascribe to a personality – and that is how our body understands and absorbs their energy.

Nei gong has along tradition of working with the Sun and Moon. They help align us with our true nature on the inside so we can immediately connect and harmonise with natural energies on the outside. As we learn to open and collect the support of natural energy, it becomes easy for our body to replace any unhelpful information we’ve acquired. The sun and moon provide a physical example, the resonance, of a mutually respectful, appreciative, functional, life giving Yin/Yang relationship that really works!

Working with the sun and moon has many physical, emotional and psychological benefits; from longevity and strengthened immune system, self esteem, to hormonal balancing and improved communication and relationships. If you are not already practicing Nei gong you can take advantage of what the universe has to offer by just thinking of opening your body to the suns rays and the light of the moon, especially during a time of close proximity or activity like a full moon or our recent solar eclipse. Please see link