Find a comfortable, quiet spot and place both hands one on top of the other on your lower abdomen. Allow your minds eye to travel down and settle in your lower abdomen behind your hands. Feel the shape and warmth of your hands.

Bring your presence gently back to this place behind your hands if your focus wanders off at any time. Earth energy is magnetic, even when it is far away, deep in the earth, it is very attracted to you and wants to support you.

Become aware of the soles of your feet, heels and toes. Let your feet and toes become very large in your minds eye. Feel your shoulders, face and hands relax.

Now, allow your feet to gently enter the welcoming, soft earth, followed by your ankles, calves, knees, thighs and hips.

Your legs are becoming longer from the hips down as they enter the Earth’s rich world.

When your legs are long inside the earth, receive Earth energy into your feet and legs. Allow the energy to slowly move onward, upwards, until it rests in your lower abdomen.

You can use your in breathe as Earth energy flows into your legs and your out breathe as it collects behind your hands.

Continue to channel Earth Energy, until you feel stable and calm or ‘full’ in your lower abdomen. Enjoy!     Thank you anna Ryan for your wonderful images!


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