This simple yet powerful meditation is a sure fire way to experience a refreshing sleep or toimages regain calm and poise.

‘Emerald Whole Body Breathing (WBB)’ in the following meditation is associated with the power and person of Green Tara. It’s effect is healing, expansive, clearing, comforting and peaceful.

The colour green is a mixture of mid blue (a cool colour) and mid yellow (a warm colour), a balance of the archetype colours of the moon and sun. Just as the merger of sun and moon energies create a strong emotional and psychological balance, the effects of working with green is very safe for harmonising and healing the whole body, and most especially our Heart Centre.

Step 1  Place both palms on your heart centre one on top of the other. Feel the shape and warmth of your palm on your chest.

Step 2  Gently let your minds-eye (awareness) float to your heart centre behind your hands.

Step 3  You are in the middle of a huge Emerald, many metres in diameter. It completely surrounds you equally in every direction. It is smooth, lustrous and clear.

Step 4  You find you can breathe and move comfortably within the Emerald. From your awareness in your Heart centre breath out into the Emerald.

Step 5  Gently and calmly, breath the Emerald green colour into your awareness in your Heart centre from every direction.

Then repeat Step 4 and 5 again for 10 rounds of breaths.     Lotus emerald images-1

To be aware of just a little green at first is wonderful, as you practice you’ll find breathing in and out through your whole body will become a natural practice, and the benefits will be immediate.

 An individual session takes your meditation practice much deeper, as we together personalise your Nei gong meditations to meet your unique needs, goals and gifts.

WBB is a variation of the Buddhist merging meditation exercises recorded in the question and answer letters of the Purelands School founder Hui Yuan, and the Indian sage Kumarajiva in the 5th century.