1. How long before I see positive changes?

Generally 3 individual sessions sees our energetic system activated and regenerating by itself.. I recommend 3 weekly sessions that expand on each other to begin with [please see packages].

Our [energy centres] have often lain dormant or adapted around our need to survive in an imperfect world. Once supported they create energetic connections promoting growth and balance in every department of life. They positively influencing our sense of identity and decision making and our relationships with others. Our ability to relax, build energy and enjoy life is immediately enhanced. Please see link testimonials.

2. What is Qi?

Qi means energy, life force, or substance – the essence animating and making up all things. The Chinese character for qi has two meanings: cosmic energy and earth energy, which are not separable. We are constantly interacting with the qi of the earth and the cosmos.We are literally flooded with the creative energies of Heaven and Earth.

3. What is Qi Gong?

Qi gong means energy way/work or channelling. Qi Gong relies on the connection and development of qi through special exercises.Tai Chi and all Martial art forms are examples of utilizing physical movements to open the meridian system to collect and exchange with energy. These movements increase and harmonise the flow of qi throughout and beyond the body from the outside in.
Listen to Lama Dondrup Dorje talk about creating an energy bubble and cultivating the Buddha nature.

4. What is Nei Gong?

Nei Gong means internal energy way/work, where there is very little or no physical movement during practise. Nei Gong relies on a direct energetic connection between our energy centres and pathways and cosmic/universal qi. Qi connection works from the inside out to develop and harmonise our entire being.

5. What are meridians and nadis’?

[Meridians] and [nadis] are energetic pathways running in close proximity to the nervous system throughout the body. Meridians belong to traditional Chinese medical philosophy and are fundamental to the practise of acupuncture. The Nadis system belongs to the Indian Ayurvedic medical and philosophical model.

6. What are Chakras and where do they come from?

[Chakra] is a Sanskrit term meaning wheel. When active Chakras move like spinning wheels, vortices or discs. They are communication centres connecting the human being with every aspect of herself and the universe. .

Chakras form when elements unite to create a physical body during gestation. Major energetic pathways on the left and right sides of the embryo cross over a central pathway where energetic centres form. These centres create the 7 major chakras. Each of the major chakras represents a stage in human psychological and physiological development.

However, it is rare for the chakras to open and support each other in a beautiful, logical sequence. We all have our strengths and areas to develop. We connect to energetic resources that will create the best energetic structure and flow for us individually and develop from there into an ideal structural pattern. Smaller chakras may form as active energy centres in many parts of the body, especially the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and many joints.

Why are the Sun and Moon important in Nei gong meditation?

The Taoist prescribed specific times in the month’s sun and moon cycles for their qigong or kung-fu exercises. The moon has an hydrating, cooling influence and the sun has a more warming and drying effect physically. The Sun and Moon meditations directly influence our energy centres, longevity practice and provide an energetic model for our relationships. A balance of the two energies is important and it’s best to begin with guidance.

8.The research I have done into nei/qi gong says you need to work with the breath?

Yes, breath is very important to focus the mind, direct energy and create good form. We focus on breath with the beginner stances and physical energy channelling. Once we fully engage with an energetic connection the breath naturally flows in a full and regular way.
Internal energy connection manifesting outwardly through the body creates deep relaxation and results in embryonic breathing.
While working with deep connections we imbibe training and skills, the ability to travel and remain present, to advance conceptually, as well as the benefits of physical regulation and flow.

9. Is there any benefit in doing the meditations in a particular sequence apart from the Sun and Moon?

The ‘Sun/Moon’, ‘Heaven/Earth’ and ‘Water/Fire’ meditations are examples of complementary Nei gong exercises. The pairs are complete opposites in quality and ways of movement, yet they create a complementary whole that produces new life. Much like the complementary forces of yin and yang whose interaction creates the means for all that exists in the universe.

All Nei Gong 4 Life classes and homework are constructed as a series of meditations that logically and progressively build upon each other, balancing and enhancing your energetic structure, capacity and skill base.

Nei Gong creates a bridge between spirit and the material world, connecting our body with the energy of the Universe.

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