Build your 3 Dantian.

NEI GONG practice collects and develops energy, specifically the capacity and quality of our 3 energy fields or dantian. They are the lower (will), middle (activity) and upper (wisdom) dantian. Each dantian houses a Treasure or energy quality, they are jingqi, and shen respectively.

Nei gong meditation is a ‘short-cut’ to building the 3 treasures and the capacity of their 3 ‘cinnabar fields’ or dantian.

The 3 Treasures jing, qi, and shen act like the water cycle, they become more refined from the lower through to the upper dantian. Water changes it’s density as it condenses into ice, melts into water and evaporate as vapour; then it precipitates into water again.

Our 3 Treasures transform into each other in much the same way. As water takes on the characteristics of its environment, our 3 treasures are imprinted with our personal resonance.

In practice 1 dantian may require more focus than another for a time, even so, the dantian and their treasures support and transform into each other, and are developed overall and together as a whole. The timing is dependant on our individual needs.

JING or essencethe most physical and dense of the 3 Treasures, is housed in the lower dantian (LDT), our largest energy collection site. Our LDT incorporates the areas occupied by the Muladhara (root) and Svadhithsthana (sacral) chakras,

Jing carries our genetic lineage. It is responsible for creating physical life, the manufacture of blood in our bones, and semen or ovarian energy. It circulates within the 8 extraordinary vessels, (deep energy storehouses) which keeps our potential and regulates our body’s energy.

Chinese medicine believes we are each born into the world with a personal quota of jing, which can vary dramatically from person to person. Some of us are physically very robust, with lustrous hair, strong bones and teeth, all tell tale signs of a goodly amount of jing.

Others may appear frail or anxious, with discernibly less inherited jing. How long our jing lasts has a lot to do with our lifestyle choices, whether we are ‘burning the candle at both ends’ or nourishing and pacing ourselves.

The issue of semen in men, and the menstruation cycle together with the process of child-birth in women, place the greatest drain on our jing (essence), followed by overwork. The Chinese believe that once our quota of jing is used up, the physical body loses it’s ability to create life. Developing jing within our LDT is the essential platform for all Qi gong longevity and health practices.

Exercises that replace and develop jing regenerate the physical body and our creative force. When we want to ground ourselves or anchor our emotions we depend on the LDT and jing. A balanced LDT not only organises the dantian above, but fuels our capacity for higher practices and the unfolding of our potential.

QI, treasure no. 2, translates as breathe, vitality or energy. It has a lighter quality than jing and is housed in the middle dantian, MDT. The qualities of qi are movement and fluidity like water. The personality of our unique energy flow develops in the MDT. The MDT is the dantian of action through communication, physical movement and personal influence.

The middle energy field, MDT, incorporates the Manipura (Solar plexus), Ananhata (Heart), and Visuddhi (Throat) chakras. The MDT processes physical and emotional information, and powers the circulation of shen (spirit) throughout our body. An active MDT forms a bridge of communication between the upper and lower dantian.

SHEN or spirit, the 3rd Treasure is the most refined quality, like vapour. It’s housed in the upper dantian (UDT) and also circulates in our blood. Shen is consciousness and discernment or wisdom. We speak of enlightenment as emerging into full consciousness guided by the light of wisdom, shen.

The upper dantian, governs wisdom, inspiration and direction, and incorporates the Agya (3rd eye) and Sahasrara (crown) chakras. Shen or spirit is conceived as working within our body to communicate with other worlds, rather than something separate and remote to be strived for. Balanced shen is reflected in clear shining eyes and implies that the other treasures, jing and qi are also healthy. ‘Shen within the 5 Yin organs’ click here.

Once our dantian and their inherant treasures are active and communicating, different dimensions of the universe open to us via our energetic anatomy; then our amazing journey of discovery begins.

Nei Gong creates a bridge between spirit and the material world, connecting our body with the energy of the Universe.

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