A Nei gong meditation practice begins to unfold our consciousness inside our physical body. Our physical body is a conduit between the energy flowing between Heaven and Earth, the spirit and material worlds.

As we become more present and take up territory in our body, we come to recognise the many behaviours and emotional energies we are driven by. This is necessary in order for us to live authentically and to understand what we really need and want.

In order to transition smoothly through this getting to know and accept me stage, I often suggest my clients take advantage of simply technique, punching something, (like a punching bag), for 30 sec daily.

A clients response usually falls into 1 of 2 categories:

 1) ‘Really, punching something… can it please be someone?

2) ‘I really wouldn’t feel comfortable punching anything, that feels so uncivilised!

In my experience both responses say: ‘I’ve got emotional energy stuck in my body, and I don’t feel safe moving it’.

Sometimes we don’t like to admit we can feel frustration or aggression toward another person or situation, and simply crack up laughing or just feel silly at the thought of punching something!

When we think about it, we need a measure of assertion just to park a car or make snap decisions. Not to mention creating appropriate parameters for ourselves.

When our emotional energy becomes stuck we lose sight of our strengths and become more easily vulnerable to overwhelm. Our ability to make decisions or have a balanced overview can be compromised by the bottleneck of energy bubbling just beneath our consciousness.

Our liver governs the circulation of all energy in our body, physical and emotional: by punching something, we activate our liver qi, which creates a physical and emotional energy flow. That’s why hard physical exercise or real physical danger or excitement can make us feel so refreshed and energised afterwards. Our liver qi is activated and energy is flowing through our whole system, we think more clearly, have better circulation and feel alive!

When punching something becomes a non-judgemental practice, we discover our repressed emotional energy isn’t always rage.

Released feelings may manifest as tears or even anxiety. Allow the flow to happen, and if you do find you have a lot of stuck energy then create the opportunity to transform it into something valuable that works for you through counselling, learning communication strategies and meditation.

Nourishing Tip: Try Tibetan Blue/Red meditation to transform anger and sadness. Link to PDF and audio excerpt.


Once our emotional energy is validated and flowing, it’s no longer scary to move. It becomes a powerhouse that’s on our side, supporting our goals and helping to get our needs met.
To sum up, I believe this simple practice can positively transform our personal energy flow and the ways we respond to our world in a very short time. Punching something for 30 sec daily helps create a middle road between validating our feelings and letting go; between balancing our creative flow and releasing emotional build up. It opens the door to treat our precious selves with patience, compassion and understanding, while moving on with our lives.

One of the simplest and immediate tools we have at hand is to punch something, (not someone)!