It’s another stunning day in May! I enjoyed yesterday evening with my youngest daughter. We watched a 60’s-70’ doco on feminism while tucking into her homemade vegetarian pizza. Yum!

She like many of her friends is absolutely passionate about social and lifestyle issues, and it’s lovely to see her generation appreciate the struggles that have gone before them.

One of the most affecting moments of the doco was the sight of 2 young men in 1969 shouting together in support of the female protesters, “This is what a feminist looks like”!   Tara_geen_emerald_small

Back to topic! Without these brave warrior souls on the front lines there would’ve been no change towards equity in our society – something that we together continue to create and benefit from.

How do we successfully integrate our warrior selves with our tender heart and get along in our relationships with each other?
How to be a balance of warrior and receptive heart, as exemplified in the ancient forces of Warrior Kwan Yin (an aspect of the Female Buddha) and Green Tara (Protectress of Tibet). The first documented feminist!

How do we not become bitter or stifled when surrounded by hurt and deprivation? I see my daughter’s generation talking about and resolving these questions on many forums!

One of the short-cut ways to integrate our tender, nurturing side with our need for equality and support, is to find what we want to create and connect with. What inspires and lights our way actually builds our confidence in the power of who we are in our life stream, (which can be just a trickle to begin with!).

We encourage our stream to continue to flow in the face of let downs, until it eventually becomes a mighty, joy-filled river.
No mud or debris can obstruct our life stream’s course as we stay with our creative connections. Even an avalanche of rocks is just something to flow under, over or around until it finally wears down and is absorbed.

Anywhere the river flows the surrounds are changed forever.
This calm, confident river eventually connects with the sea. It’s being integrates creative force with nourishing life. It flows and shapes its environment, cutting its own course, and we in turn enjoy its gifts.