Nei Gong creates a bridge between spirit and the material world, connecting our body with the energy of the Universe.Want to experience Nei Gong meditation?


Karen Reid - Nei Gong Teacher

NEI GONG means ‘inner skill’. Nei gong meditation is a still practice that ‘works out’ our energetic anatomy – the foundation for our physical health and emotional / psychological well being.

When our underlying energy structures are communicating and active, everything else flows and falls into place.

Nei gong develops the happiness and support you need to remain present no matter what challenges may appear.

Christian Harch

Senior Paramedic, Founder Paramedic Project, Paramedic Project

I have been practicing Nei gong for about four years now and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I discovered Nei gong supports all my other physical, creative and spiritual activities. Karen has facilitated profound changes in my health, my confidence, my relationships, she’s helped me find my ‘balance’.

Monique Moorfield

Nutritionist, Remedial Masssage Therapist, Ascot Remedial Therapies

I feel my energy has expanded and now I want to occupy my big home, also at work and everywhere in the Universe. Oh, so much fun. Life has barely begun for me!

Marion Igarishi

Director Teaching & Learning Innovation at Queensland University of Technology

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Nei gong meditation transforms your inner environment so you can positively connect with the world.